Friday, December 12, 2008

Women and their clothes

Well let's think about this for a minute... fashion. Just like the women of today the women of Egypt loved clothes. But seriously what would they say when they got up to get dressed? They'd be like well what should I wear today... linen? Linen? Or Linen?! What would a princess wear? Of course the Pharaoh's daughter could and would have whatever they wanted. A princess would wear a lotus bud tucked in her headband, but worn mostly for parties. Every princess would always wear a wig, straight or braided. They would wear wide beaded collars with gold and turquoise (maybe to make their linen dresses more interesting) and sprinkle their dresses with perfume, made from crushed flowers. They would carry their sandals with them and when they needed them they would put them on. Why they didn't just keep them on, I don't know.

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