Friday, December 12, 2008


In Egypt both men and women wore make-up. They used scented oils to rub on their skin to make themselves smell good. They used black Kohl and green malachite for their eyes. Women wore red powdered lipstick, and blush. Like we do today, women died their hair and painted their nails. Seriously do they have enough eye make-up??? I wonder how long it took to put on and take off that make-up???


  1. Just browsing through. . .

    Love the picture. They might have had chemicals ot remove their makeup, but I agree. . . it must have taken such a long time to put it on. Women will do anything for fashion though ;)

  2. lol. NICE ROCHELLE! but i think chemicals would kind of kill the skin cells... maybe they would use water like we do now...?